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In May 1980 Stan put together yet another version of Chicken Shack.  The only survivor from Banbury was Paul Butler, joining them on bass was Alan Scott and ex- TYA drummer Ric Lee. Alan Scott was soon to be replaced by Andy Pyle who was ex-Juicy Lucy, Savoy Brown, Blodwyn Pig, Colosseum II, Kinks, Keef Hartley Band amongst others!
Stan and this line-up, augmented by Tony Ashton back on keyboards recorded the live Roadies Concerto album (released April 1981)which featured a more bluesy sound.

However once again this line up was not to last the course, and Stan went into 1982 with a new band calling itself Stan Webb's Speedway.  This featured Andy Pyle on bass, Russ Alder on drums and Miller Anderson back on second guitar.

By 1983 it was back with Stan Webb's Chicken Shack, but there wasn't a really settled line-up for the next three years which saw on occasions Miller Anderson as well as Andy Scott and Andy Pyle on bass,  Roger Saunders on guitar and John Gunzell on drums.

By 1986 and the release of 39 Bars Stan was supported by John Gunzell on drums, Jan Connolly(Campbell?) on bass, Dave Winthrop back on saxophone and David Wilkey (or is that Wilkinson?) on keyboards.

However in1987 he was touring with a line up of himself plus David Wilkinson  on keyboards, Bev Smith on drums and Wayne Terry and later David Wintour on bass.  By 1988 Gary Davies on 'back up guitar' had been added to the line up, and they were very much a blues band again.  In 1989 a live album was released.


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