European Tour 2014

 Listed below are the dates so far.

 Please see Forthcoming Gigs for venue details and further dates that might be added.


                                      10th November   -  Differdange, Luxembourg

                                      11th November   -  Nurnberg, Germany

                                      12th November   -  Muenchen, Germany

                                      13th November   -  Bad Homburg, Germany

                                      14th November   -  Leverkusen, Germany

                                      15th November   -  Magderburg Festung


Brit Rock At The Bay
 Brit Rock At The Bay

Check out this fantastic blog featuring Savoy Brown's Boogie Brothers at Winterland in San Francisco in 1974.

Brit Rock By The Bay

Many thanks to Michael C. Morton & David Miller.

Photos From Burgkultur St. Veit
Burgkultur St. Veit

Check out some photos from our recent trip to Austria

Photos From Bath Festival
Check out some photos from Chickenshacks  appearance at the Cooler Jazz n Blues Festival in Bath
 Many thanks to Alan for the fabulous shots!

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